So much for starting a new habit

Now that I’m on the job market, finishing my dissertation, and on the conference circuit, I finally have the time to procrastinate! It’s time to add to this long-neglected blog. My wisest mentors have all said to me, at some point in time, to follow the motivation. Feel like applying for jobs instead of writing the dissertation? Don’t fight it. Both have to get done. At the end of the day, at least one thing will be done.

But what if I only feel like cross-stitching while binge-ing The Good Fight?

This bout of procrastination began two weeks ago when I caught a respiratory virus and subsequent fever. I’ve still got a lung rattle and a lingering cough that strikes hard at night. After the forced rest where my most taxing task was making soup, it’s been difficult to get back in the swing of the semester. I often feel like any rest throws off the momentum of the semester productivity. Resting becomes my new routine.

On the upside, getting ill in the middle of the semester was extremely restorative for my mental health. Nothing like reading, having a fluid-based diet, and being catered to. Dear reader, if you’re ill, lean into the rest. Work will always be there.

No, seriously. How have I been sleeping on The Good Fight??


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