What follows are the introductory paragraphs for my statements of Teaching Philosophy and Diversity and Inclusion Philosophy. Please request the full version if you have interest.

Teaching Philosophy

Inclusion, accessibility, and belonging are key elements to successful education. This is true for all students; students with minoritized identities in particular often require intentional institutional support for success due to low feelings of belonging. As a scholar of student belonging and inclusion, I centralize empirically-backed pedagogies that promote inclusion and accessibility to support students’ academic and social success. I operationalize these pedagogies through universal design and gamification for learning. My teaching is motivated by this ethos and the success I’ve seen using these methods.

Diversity and Inclusion Philosophy

DEI work is crucial for justice for historically marginalized populations. My approach in the classroom is centralized on an understanding of individual variability and how diversity can be leveraged as an asset. As a colleague, DEI work is my responsibility and passion at the departmental and institutional levels. This drive is sustained in the non-academic community because my many diverse identities and desire for equity and inclusion shape my everyday lived experiences. Thus, I work toward justice for those marginalized by systemic power in my roles in and outside of academia.